Recognizing RHS
Episode 19

Episode 19

April 13, 2022

Join Mer, Andrew, Seth, and Rosie as they interview Mr. Neid from our custodial staff and two of our welding students. Shout outs include some love for track and lacrosse along with huge congrats to Alexis Wade for winning the Rotary 4 Way Test.


00:00 -  02:10 - Shout outs!

02:11 - 09:35 - Mr. Neid

09:36 - 13:18 - Welding Students

13:19 - 14:08 - Wrap up

Episode 18

Episode 18

March 18, 2022

Join Andrew, Mer, and Rosie in their second episode of Recognizing RHS! 


In this episode, our hosts branch out and interview 4, 8th and 9th grade students about their experiences at the campus. They also interview food service staff member, Mrs.Tomc to learn more about how the Riverside kitchen operates!

Recognizing RHS Generation 2 Episode

Recognizing RHS Generation 2 Episode

March 10, 2022

Join Mer, Seth, Andrew, and Rosie in their premier episode! 

In this episode, our hosts interview members of SIDE Entrepreneurship to check in on their final projects and learn about their process. RRHS2 also features the traditional shoutouts! 


Don't forget to get your tickets to see Mama Mia! You don't want to miss Mer's performance! 



Episode 16

Episode 16

March 8, 2022

Alex, Raegan, and Lexie feature cast and crew members from this year's Riverside Spring Musical Mama Mia! Want to know why Riverside Theatre is one of the most popular clubs on campus? Just listen and you will hear about the family and culture that this group has created.


Intro.             00:00 - 00:17

Shoutouts    00:18 - 03:14

Interview      03:15 - 19:36

Outro            19:37 - 20:02 

Episode 16

Episode 16

March 4, 2022

Join Lexie, Raegan, and Alex as they interview Riverside Local School District's Superintendent Dr. James Kalis. Shoutouts, success, and upcoming events are all covered in our Shoutout section!


Intro               00:00 - 00:15

Shoutouts.    00:16 - 02:05 

Interview.      02:06 - 18:04

Outro             18:04 - 18:27 

Episode 15

Episode 15

February 23, 2022

Join Lexie, Raegan, and Alex as they bring you Episode 15 of Recognizing RHS. Coach Grendel, Ben Hamilton, and Scott Cavell join our hosts to recap their season and discuss this past weekend's game. This episode is proudly sponsored by Smoothie King.


Intro:                        00:00 - 00:16

Shoutouts:              00:17 - 00:41

Weekly Run Down: 00:42 - 01:29

Interview:                 01:30 - 10:41

Outro:                       10:42 - 11:13 

RRHS 2.0 Demo

RRHS 2.0 Demo

February 8, 2022

This week's demo begins the process of handing over the mic to Juniors Mer, Rosie, Andrew, and Seth. 

This episode was originally meant to air on January 31st. Due to technical issues, snow days, and a no power day... we are now airing it. Please note that there is no Intro to this episode.

Join Seth, Andrew, Rosie, and Mer as they do their first Shout Out, Run Down, and student interview with Ready Routes creators Bryce Weber and Sophia Chokshi.

Join Alex, Lexie, and Raegan as they interview History teacher and Girl's Basketball coach Mr. Caldwell. Coach Caldwell shares how his team has altered their culture and their experience playing on the Cav's home court!

Visit Ready Routes at

00:00 - 01:29 - Run Down

01:30 - 02:02 - Shout Outs

02:03 - 09:15 - Student Interview

09:16 - 22:04 - Staff Interview

22:05 - 22:27 - Outro


The Tour of Lake County: Fairport. Episode 2.

The Tour of Lake County: Fairport. Episode 2.

January 31, 2022

Join Lexie, Raegan, and Alex as they visit the staff and students of Fairport Harbor. Located on Lake Erie in Lake County, Ohio, Fairport is the ideal lake front small town with the shops, community, and lighthouse to prove it. 


The Tour of Lake County was developed to to share the success of our fellow high schools within Lake County, Ohio. Want to participate in The Tour of Lake County? Contact


Episode 14

Episode 14

January 25, 2022

Join Lexie, Alex, and Raegan as they interview Rosie, Seth, Andrew, and Mer - Recognizing Riverside's newest hosts! This week shoutouts go to Dr. Kalis and Andrew Taggert.  Special thanks to this week's sponsor Fairport Dance Academy. 


00:00 - 00:37: Rundown

00:38 - 02:11: Shoutout

02:12 -  21:55: Interview with Recognizing RHS 2.0

Episode 13

Episode 13

January 18, 2022

Welcome to 2022 with Alex, Raegan, and Lexi! 

This week's episode celebrates members of our RHS family while honoring Aiden Bailey and Deputy Mike. 

Riverside Swim is featured in the student interview, while Coach Toth walks us through this year's RHS Wrestling team.

This is also the first episode that our new team members (Andrew, Rosie, Mer) sat in on.


Intro: 00:00 - 00:17

Shoutout: 00:17 - 02:52

Swim: 02:52 - 08:40

Coach Toth: 08:40 - 15:35


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