Recognizing RHS
Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 6

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 6

October 25, 2021

Heading into fall sports' postseasons, we have lots in our weekly rundown. Seniors! Very informative interview with Mr. Balis about your future after high school along with seniors Emma Tomaszewski and Malayna Seibert talking about their volleyball season. Tune in!

00:19 Shoutout
00:57 Weekly Rundown
01:54 V-ball
07:06 Mr. Balis
17:12 Outro

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 5

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 5

October 18, 2021

Joined by Dr Mlakar and seniors Nate Lewins and Luke Griffith on a fantastic episode. We have a packed weekly rundown with two weeks worth of amazing accomplishments. Give it a listen!


00:22 Shout Outs
01:03 Weekly Rundown
02:45 Dr. Mlakar
17:07 Soccer Boys
22:38 Outro


Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 4

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 4

October 4, 2021

1 week post-Homecoming we're joined by Mrs. Lucas to talk about it. We also have seniors Ian Gaspersic and Evan Palermo joining us. Lots of news about our fall sports and activities as well in the weekly rundown too!


00:43 Shout Outs

01:35 Weekly Rundown

03:13 Ian and Evan

17:27 Mrs. Lucas

22:52 Outro


Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 3

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 3

September 30, 2021

Back with another fantastic episode. We have senior golfers Cullan Jackson and Ryan Spaulding, as well as Mrs. Cavell. Listen to our wonderful shout outs and weekly rundown.


00:43 Shout Outs

01:32 Weekly Rundown

02:48 Cullan and Ryan

14:00 Mrs. Cavell

27:21 Outro


Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 2

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 2

September 20, 2021

Our second episode!  Tune in to listen to seniors, Simon and Ian White talk to us. Listen to who gets our shoutouts as well. Have a great Homecoming Week Riverside!


1:20 Shoutouts

1:55 Weekly Rundown

3:29 The White Brothers

23:29 Outro


Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 1

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 1

September 13, 2021

We're back for the new school year, and we're seniors now! We have updates about the wonderful things happening to start the year. Senior Dom Tromba and Mr. Gisondo join us as our interviews too. We're glad to be back.


00:41 Shoutouts

01:25 Weekly Rundown

02:33 Dom Tromba

09:33 Mr. Gisondo

12:20 Outro

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep.16

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep.16

June 1, 2021

This is the last episode of the school year! We are so thrilled with the support and feedback we've received this year. Good luck to all of our seniors with their futures. And with that, this episode has a special surprise for the seniors.


00:35 Student Shout Out

01:05 Staff Shout Out

01:47 Weekly Rundown

03:47 Senior Message

05:33 Outro

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep.15

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep.15

May 25, 2021

Second to last episode of the year! We have a great weekly rundown with spring sports coming to an end. We interviewed junior Alli Senedak and Backpack Fund president Matt Parsons this week as well. Give it a listen and have a great week Riverside!


00:19 Student Shout Out

00:59 Staff Shout Out

01:46 Weekly Rundown

04:25 Matt Parsons

14:35 Alli Senedak

24:24 Outro

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep.14

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep.14

May 17, 2021

Back in action with another episode! We have a loaded weekly rundown and interviews with seniors Cheyenne Durda and Zebadiah Zuber and softball coaches Mr. Ross and Mr. Binkiewicz! As always, find out who our shout outs are as well! Have a great week Riverside!!!

00:31 Shout outs

01:27 Weekly Rundown

03:13 Cheyenne and Zeb

08:46 Mr. Binkiewicz and Mr. Ross

13:22 Outro

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 13

Recognizing RHS Podcast Ep. 13

May 4, 2021

We're back with a normal episode this week! Listen to our packed weekly rundown with all the amazing accomplishments. We also have Mrs. Poje for our staff interview alongside senior Ethan Brennan and junior Nick Lastoria for our student interviews. Don't forget about the shoutouts as well!

00:25 mental health
01:01 student shoutout
01:25 staff shoutout
01:55 weekly rundown
04:54 student interview
10:03 staff interview
20:06 outro

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